Adventures Technology is the leading trading company offers warehousing services for its client’s at all major cities & seaports. We have international sophisticated warehousing facilities at various locations of the world that help our clients in providing cost effective warehousing services. All warehouses have scientifically approved ventilations and temperature controlled facility that helps in effective storage of your materials. We use heavy duty handling equipments like trucks and containers that helps for transporting our client’s material from client’s location to warehouses and warehouse to client’s required destination. We use lifting chains and trolleys for managing heavy and valued material in warehouses.

Warehousing Specification

Every warehouse of Adventure Technology is specified by following :

  • Distribution : In every warehouse space is properly distributed for all types of product storage.
  • Services : Complete Services are available in every warehouse from storage to transportation.
  • Ventilation and Temperature Control Facility : Every warehouse has proper ventilations system and temperature control facility to preserve material for long time.
  • Technical Facility : Every warehouse have technical facility that includes warehouse management system, Online Inventory tracking etc.
  • Transportation System : Our warehouses are capable of transporting material via rail (if available nearer), through trucks and containers.

Warehousing services

  • Inventory management and control
  • Order processing, inbound and outbound
  • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and quality control
  • Static and dynamic replenishment
  • Loading, Unloading and value added services.
We want to become the company that better fulfill and understand their client’s requirement of products and expectation of services throughout the world.
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