Adventures Technology Logistic Services play an important role in helping our clients to save on distribution and transportation costs by improving delivery reliability. We are specializes in crafting and cost effective logistics solutions that is changeable according to our clients needs. We have third party logistic services that benefits in client’s satisfaction and their business value growth.

Adventures Technology Logistic Solutions

Transportation Services : We provide transportation via Air, Ocean, Road and Rail. We tried our best to give clients our personal attention which they required by us.

  • Air Transportation Services
  • Ocean Transportation Services
  • Road and Rail Services
  • Warehousing and Distribution

Distributed Warehouse Solutions : We understand the client issues and anticipating client business and logistics needs, Adventures Technology provides robust solutions that will drive client business successfully. Any type of client business our company provides dedicated and shared distributed warehouse Solutions.

Warehouses are distributed according to

  • Dedicated Operations
  • Shared Operations
  • Value Added Services

Insurance, Customs & Security : We handle the complexity of the customs processes by our highly efficient custom brokerage offices. We also seamlessly move your goods across international borders, also ensuring security in challenging environments and provide insurance of goods. We offer :

  • Customs Security
  • Freight Security
  • Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance

Specialist Solutions : Adventures Technology provides specialist solutions that means client will get benefit from our specialists – not only in logistics, but also in particular marketplace that includes chemical, consumer products, fashion, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing etc.

We want to become the company that better fulfill and understand their client’s requirement of products and expectation of services throughout the world.
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