Agriculture Processing

Adventures Technology has the best agriculture products processing services. We clean and processed the agriculture commodity in our plant as per the client’s requirement. With time to time we modify our agriculture plants with modern equipments and facilities.

Our company has fully modern processing plants that cleans and packs agriculture commodities like wheat, soybean, mustard, coriander and many products listed in our product section. By this agriculture processing services, our different type’s agriculture commodities are exported at different countries for its quality and packing.

Agriculture Commodity Processing

All Types of Oilseeds & Grains
Our Company operates on an integrated global basis and source, process, transport and distributes grain and oilseeds around the world. Many of the products we processed are oilseeds, wheat, corn, pulses, sesame, soybeans, cashew nuts, spices, rice etc. We have developed significant expertise in handling and preserving different agriculture products that have sustained their distinctiveness in overseas markets.

Adventures Technology trade sugar in bulk, white sugar in bags or containers worldwide. We have proper shipping and distributing facilities for our global clients and our offices located worldwide especially in India.

Agricultural Products Tested and Processed in our plant

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Vegetable Fats
  • Wheat, Grains, Pulses
  • Oilseeds
  • Rice, Cotton
  • Sea foods
  • Oilseed Protein Meals (i.e. Soybean Meal)
  • Animal based Protein Meals (i.e. Meat and Bone Meal)
We want to become the company that better fulfill and understand their client’s requirement of products and expectation of services throughout the world.
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